2022 PAAM Sunday Resources

At the 18th General Synod, a resolution was pass that designated the last Sunday in April as “PAAM Sunday”.  This is the one day of the year that all churches across the UCC recognize and celebrate the contributions that Pacific Islander & Asian American Ministries have contributed to the life of the United Church of Christ.

Herein are resources that your church can use to celebrate PAAM Sunday.

  1. This Lectionary was created an prepared by Rev. Mitchell Young, the pastor of Montebello Plymouth Congregation Church, a PAAM church in Montebello, CA
  1. A Litany to honor PAAM created by Rev. Tom Fujita
  1. An Invocation used at the 2019 Monday evening worship at General Synod involving all PAAM people.
  2. A YouTube video on “Stop The Hate”, a presentation by PAAM for UCC’s Thursday For The Soul series.
  1. A link to a Facebook page entitled “Sacred Conversation” which contains stories and materials that groups can use to create discussions and workshops on the subject of racism and social justice issues.

Litany to honor PAAM
the PAAM Story2011-Copy


Please feel free to us any of these materials as you explore and learn how our Pacific Islander & Asian American siblings has helped to shaped our denomination.

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