Youth and Young Adult


PAAM Convocation 2018


Join us for the 2018 PAAM Convocation where Pacific Island & Asian Americans all over the nation come to worship together. PAAM Convocation welcomes Youth and Young Adults (YYA) and gives space for the YYA to grow spiritually among each other.





Mission of the PAAM YYA

• To create a Christian Community of Youth and Young Adults who share similar backgrounds
• To develop leadership and communications skills within the Youth and Young Adults of PAAM and to provide them with the tools and skills to empower them to become leaders in their own church
• To encourage the Youth and Young Adults to affirm their own individual race, culture, and spiritual identity as a Pacific Islander and Asian American while promoting the contributions and cultures of Pacific Islander and Asian Americans in the life in the life the United Church of Christ.
• To learn about the goals of the United Church of Christ and PAAM and promote involvement at a church, regional, and national level.
• To grow spiritually through worship and fellowship with other Youth and Young Adults of different, races, cultures, and spiritual identities and to empower Youth and Young Adults to identify their own individual talents and nurture their growth within an atmosphere of faith.